Credit Control Course

Credit Control Courses in East Anglia

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for collecting payment.

Together we explore the process of collecting debts successfully.

We identify the types of customers who default on payments

And together, we develop an overall strategy to help you gain a positive outcome in a confident and friendly manner.

 Don’t let your company be a free bank for your customers!


Effective Credit Control

Understanding the need for effective credit control

Why is it so important to businesses to monitor how quickly their customers pay them?
Together we discuss the role of a credit controller in modern business, and how they impact on their company's ability to run a profitable business.

The credit control process

We look at having a credit management policy, and how this helps your customer to understand your credit control process. We will look at effective ways to check for credit ratings, and where to go for reliable trade references. Learning how your key customer's payment process works, and understanding how best to communicate with them. 

Everyday credit control - Establishing an effective process

We suggest effective credit control processes that really work, discussing the best ways to communicate with customers, and easy phrases to help you confidently ask for payment.  

Common difficulties and how to deal with them

Together we look at some of the many reasons for non-payment and discuss some effective ways of dealing with evasive customers, or customers who simply won't pay. We look at what you can do to ease the process, and your ability to negotiate special payment terms with certain customers.


This is a full-day course, and is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. 

This course is designed to facilitate some open discussion and group work.


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