Pricing & Breaking Even


Budgets, Cash-flow Forecasts & Working Capital


The Profit & Loss

Common Issues

Depreciation, Accruals & Ratios

Course Information

This full-day course and is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. 

The course is designed to facilitate some open discussion and group work, however, it will NOT involve delegate role-play.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers Course 

Finance for Non Financial Managers Course

Straightforward and Easy-to-understand

This one-day course gives you an overview of some of the most useful financial information used in business today.

Together, we will explore the accounts, budgets & financial reports in a down-to earth and easy to understand way.

This practical course will help you to make better management decisions, by giving you the tools and understanding to interpret and use your company’s financial information.


Understand more about your company's management figures.


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