Time Management Course

Time Management

Do you constantly wonder where all your precious time goes to?

Make TIME your biggest asset!

If you let time become your worst enemy, then you become continually less productive. You have to work harder to catch up; you get more stressed, and you have to work harder to catch up again… It all goes around in a circle!

Time CAN be on your side...

This course offers practical, realistic solutions to everyday problems.  We focus on easy-to-use techniques to improve effectiveness and make life easier.

This course is aimed at anyone who can't find the time to come on this course!

Time Management Course

Identifying Your Working Style

  • Techniques that compliment your preferred working style

Time Saving Techniques

  • Planning
  • The principles of planning
  • Objective setting
  • Scheduling longer term projects

Common Time Wasters

  • Time stealers
  • Avoiding the ‘open door’
  • Controlling talkative people

Conquer Procrastination

  • How to avoid procrastination –
  • Self-motivation

Common Mistakes and How to Deal with Them

  • Identify your personal distractions
  • Managing interruptions without causing offence.
  • Controlling incoming calls
  • Managing outgoing calls
  • Managing distractions

Just Say No!

  • Tactful but assertive ways to decline when your plate is full

Planning & Organising

  • Spending the right time doing the right things
  • The Pareto principle
  • Organizing your work
  • Establishing a filing system you’ll use
  • How the break the urge to keep everything
  • Desk-clearing techniques

 How to Prioritize

  • Identifying your priorities so that you spend your time being effective and not just efficient.
  • Understanding the difference between important task and urgent task that will not impact your objectives

‘To-Do’ Lists

  • Using “to-do” lists and making them work for you.
  • Doing things in the right order

Top Tips for Being More Organised


This is a full-day course, and is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. 

This course is designed to facilitate some open discussion and group work, however, it will NOT involve delegate role-play.


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