Writing Effective Reports Course

Report Writing

Reports play an essential role in today’s business operations.  They need to be read, understood, and acted upon.  Many managers simply don’t have the time to thoroughly read through the mountain of paperwork that lands on their desks.

If writers include too much information or too many words, they produce reports that are lengthy, wordy and difficult to read. If they use overly formal language and an inconsistent or inappropriate layout, their reports will be unappealing and unclear.

How can we make our Reports appealing and easy to read?

This course helps you to write well‑designed reports. It covers everything from strategy and content, the design and look of a report and persuasive writing skills.

Effective Report Writing

What Is A Report?

  • Initial preparation
  • Planning and research
  • Purposes of Business Writing

Preparation For Writing A Report

  • Defining the purpose
  • Identifying the reader
  • Considering the context
  • Setting the objective

Logical Structure

  • Structuring for logical flow
  • Organising ideas
  • Balance and emphasis
  • Planning the writing
  • Basic Rules for Planning

Guiding The Reader

  • Constructing titles, headings and subheadings
  • Producing effective lists
  • Using visual aids and examples


  • Using a consistent format, style, layout
  • Professional presentation
  • How to write in plain English
  • Punctuation
  • Words and Expressions
  • Proof-Reading Criteria

Getting Your Report Together

  • Structuring a Report
  • Selecting our content
  • Planning the structure
  • Organising the report into sections
  • Order of presentation
  • Order of writing
  • Writing an executive summary
  • Revision

Creating The Right Impression

  • Persuasive Business Writing

Report Writing Exercises

  • Discussion & feedback


This is a full-day course, and is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. 

This course is designed to facilitate some open discussion and group work, however, it will NOT involve delegate role-play.


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