Writing for the Web Course

Writing for the Web Course

There are many things that illustrate good writing skills however, to write well for the Web you have to be aware of how people read Web pages. 

Web readers want information and they want it fast. They haven't got the time or the patience to search for what they are looking for; they want it given to them on a plate.

Designed for anyone who is responsible for planning,
developing or writing web pages.

This course helps you to write a well-designed web page. It covers everything from strategy and content, the design of a page and persuasive writing skills.

Writing for the Web

Devising a Strategy for Your Website

  • Questions to ask when setting up websites.
  • Setting an objective, how it affects your writing style

Understanding your Website’s Core Audience

  • Giving your reader what matters most.
  • The order in which material should be presented

Understanding How People Read Online

  • How the web differs from print
  • How people ‘read’ websites
  • Making your text easy to scan
  • Making it easy for your audience to find what they are looking for
  • Linking information & creating ‘Stickiness’

Effective Headings for Websites

  • Guidelines for headings & subsections
  • Answer questions people are asking

Search Engine Optimised Content

  • Adding adjectives & keywords for SEO
  • Tips on search engine optimisation and page ranking 

Making your Website Look Readable

  • Making your website easy to read
  • Dos & Don’ts for screen appearance
  • Fonts, colour, background & white space

Writing Skills for Web Content

  • Using short easy to understand sentences
  • ‘Chunking’ your paragraphs & The inverted pyramid
  • Creating visual appeal with photos & video

Writing Web Content

  • Ensuring your content has maximum impact
  • Writing to persuade - turning features into benefits
  • Building trust & credibility

Making your Website Personable

  • Having the right tone of voice online
  • The personality rule

Editing Proofreading Web Content

  • How to edit text to make it lean

Web design mistakes


This is a full-day course, and is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. 

This course is designed to facilitate some open discussion and group work, however, it will NOT involve delegate role-play.


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