Getting Started with PowerPoint Course

This course is designed to help you to obtain the basic skills required to create and deliver a slide show to accompany a presentation. You will learn to use templates, layouts, and formatting tools to create slides incorporating text and graphics.


What do we cover in the course?

Getting Started with PowerPoint
  • An introduction to PowerPoint essentials
  • Some of PowerPoint 2010’s new features
Working with Different Views
  • Normal
  • Slide sorter
  • Slide show
  • Outline
Slide Layouts
  • Title & text (bullet tips)
  • Graphic/content slides
Format Presentation
  • Choosing the right font
  • Paragraph styles
  • Working with text boxes
  • Colours and gradients
Understanding Master Slides
  • Using masters to promote consistency in your presentations.
  • Editing the masters
Working with Shapes and Images
  • Inserting shapes and photos on your slides
  • Edit and resize images
  • Adding screen shots to your slides
  • Alignment & Stacking Order
  • Spacing objects evenly
  • Grouping images & shapes 
Using Charts
  • Inserting charts into your slides
  • Edit Chart Data
  • Using tables to organise information on your slides
Slide Animation and Transition Effects
  • Using animation effect to enhance your presentation
  • Moving between slides with suitable Transition effects
Saving a Presentation
Print a Presentation
  • Slide only prints
  • Notes pages
Running the Slide Show
  • Navigation
  • Presenting Tips & Tricks
PowerPoint Tips & Trick
  • During the course, we will show you as many shortcuts, tips & tricks as we can. 

This is a full-day course and is limited to a maximum of 8 delegates. 


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